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Registration 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Barracudas Swim Season!

We are excited about the new 2021 swim season and SUMMER!  Please follow the registration instructions below to sign up and pay for this season of the swim team. Registration for each swimmer will be $65.00. There is also a $10 concession fee per swimmer with a maximum family charge of $20.00.  This will REPLACE donations of water soda and candy and pre packaged items and produce. 

During registration, you will have an opportunity to sign up for volunteer positions. The positions you choose during registration can be changed if your schedule changes. We will be having 3 home meets this season! Our meets are completely dependent on support from our families and friends so your help is needed to keep the swim team successful. Volunteering also offers an opportunity to be on deck with the swimmers, and get to know all the awesome swimmers that make up the Barracuda Team! 

This season we will offer a volunteer OPT OUT.  If you choose to OPT OUT, you will agree to a $10/position, ($20 for all).  This money is Non-Refundable, even in the event you volunteer later in the season.

We are looking forward to another FUN and Successful Barracuda season!

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Concession Stand Fee

Each swimmer is charged a $10 fee for the concession stand.  This will replace the need for donations.

Volunteer OPT Out

Would you like to pay $10 to opt out of your volunteer shifts for the home and away swim meets? Please remember this money is NON REFUNDABLE.

Volunteer OPT out

Would you like to pay $10 to opt out of your volunteer shifts for the home and away meets? Please remember that this fee is NON REFUNDABLE.